“Raffle Prize Donations Best Practices: Ensuring Transparency and Accountability”

Do you have a big-name artist coming to a nearby venue? Purchase front-row seats (at least two) and raffle them off at your next event. Plus, if you capitalize on this opportunity early, you can get the tickets cheaper—and it doesn’t hurt to know a person or two from the band or venue.

11. Find a Local Art Piece

A local artist might love the opportunity to donate their work and build awareness for their pieces. You raffle prize donations also partner with one to see if they raffle prize donations offer personalized family portraits or custom one-of-a-kind pieces as part of a raffle.

12. Go Big With a 50/50 raffle

A 50/50 raffle is the perfect idea when you can’t find enticing product or service donations. With a 50/50 raffle, participants purchase a ticket and add their money to the pot. At the end of the event, 50% of the donations go to raffle prize donations organization and 50% to the lucky raffle winner.

Because the grand prize never grows too high with 50/50 raffles, reserve this idea for events with lots of attendees. That way, the bigger your event, the bigger the reward.

13. Hold an Online Raffle

You raffle prize donations need an in-person raffle to fundraise for your profit—you can do everything virtually without sacrificing the experience (or the donations). Take your online raffle to the next level by using a purpose-made platform like Classy Live.

With Classy Live, you can provide a full online or hybrid streaming experience. Features like live leaderboards, campaign progress, and activity boost engagement and fundraising, helping drive more contributions to your  and, therefore, your cause. Plus, you can use text and email reminders to keep attendees engaged and in the know.

Attending a virtual event is also much easier than in-person, especially for busy parents, students, and professionals. However, since every audience is different, experiment and see which events get more attendance and participation.

14. Hide a Golden Ticket

Want to increase the hype and tap into genuine nostalgia? Channel your inner Willy Wonka with your raffle. But instead of using stubs for raffle entry, hand out candy bars.

The twist is that one lucky candy bar has a winning ticket tucked inside. Your prize could be a product, service, getaway, or anything we mentioned above—the golden ticket aspect makes it fun and memorable for everyone involved.

Who hasn’t wished they would someday find a golden ticket slipped in their Hershey’s packaging? You can make a dream come true while raising money for your nonprofit.

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